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My phone rang March 15th, it was Captain Todd Smith. Capt. Todd runs a 42' Invincible tender and was currently in Marsh Harbor. He said the following week he needed to run the boat back to Miami and wanted me to fly in and keep him company on the long run back. We would have about a 3 hour window to fish Hole in the Wall before needing to finish the run to Miami. He would look at the forecast a few days out and let me know. On March 22nd the phone rang and he said grab a flight...

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Yellowfin Tuna Fishing in the Bahamas It's been a long year waiting for our first Yellowfin trip of the season. Plan was to round up pilchards in the am in the Haulover area and purchase any shortfall from the bait boats. Finding bait was a little tough but we managed about 8-9 dozen and added another 300-400 baits from the bait boat plus 2 dozen goggle eyes. Off we went on the 34 Seavee with twin 350 Yamahas and the crossing was very smooth. A quick check in at Bimini Big Game and we were off to the channel. It...

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