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Bost Lures in Marsh Harbor Bahamas, Hole in the Wall

My phone rang March 15th, it was Captain Todd Smith. Capt. Todd runs a 42' Invincible tender and was currently in Marsh Harbor. He said the following week he needed to run the boat back to Miami and wanted me to fly in and keep him company on the long run back. We would have about a 3 hour window to fish Hole in the Wall before needing to finish the run to Miami. He would look at the forecast a few days out and let me know. On March 22nd the phone rang and he said grab a flight we are running back the 25th. We had a one-day window in between fronts. I flew in on March 24th along with another one of his buddies Bryan. Wind was howling so we were a little apprehensive. We had some drinks at the Abaco Beach Resort and picked up a few supplies for the next day. The plan was to run about 20 miles in the direction of Hole in the Wall and set up for the high speed troll. We would do that for a few hours then try for some mahi or tuna. With a 3 hour window we were excited but knew the odds were against us. Friday morning, we woke up too much lighter winds which was great news. We grabbed some breakfast and left the dock. We could see it was considerably calmer than the previous day which was good news. The trip 350 Yamahas powered up and we ran 35knots in 3-5 foot seas like nothing. This boat is a machine. After about 30 minutes we powered down and out the spread out. The tension was high expecting a bite. It didn’t take long… We were running strictly Bost Lures except one Islander Capt Todd says is lucky. We had 2 Tiagra 80W setups on the shorts and 2 MP3000 electric reels on the long. It was only 3 of us so that was really handy. First fish came on the short 80W on a Pink #79 Bost wahoo Bullet. A small fish about 25 pounds. Next fish a little bigger on a Bost #80 Bullet and it weighed around 30 pounds. Then the fun began… Capt. Todd’s lucky Islander starts screaming and it produces a solid 50pd wahoo. We reset and troll maybe 20 minutes and both shorts go off. These fish are ripping line of the 80W without mercy and we can tell they are solid. After about 20 minutes we boat a 65 pounder and a 75 pounder. What a double! We figure that’s plenty of wahoo and decide to try for some tuna. A quick peak at the radar and we can see a flock of birds close by. As we come close it’s obvious this is the target species. We set out two Bost Tuna Lures, the #63 and #68. On the first pass the #63 gets slammed. After about 20 minutes a nice Yellowfin comes aboard albeit we had to pay some to the tax man. We boated another small yellowfin and decided to make one final pass. As the lures came through the school, I could see the Bost 68 getting hit but no hookup. I was concerned the hook had been cut off. Finally, we get tight and the Tiagra 50W starts screaming. We could tell it was a better fish then the first tuna. After regaining the line we lost, the fish stayed on top and we weren’t sure what we had. Then 50 feet behind the boat…BLUE MARLIN!!! A little one at maybe 90 pounds, but a blue marlin anyway. We brought her alongside for a quick release. What an absolute epic and frantic 3 hours of fishing. We went 5/8 on wahoo to 75 pounds, 3 yellowfin tuna to 40 pounds and capped it with a blue marlin. It just goes to show if you’re looking for pelagics, Bost Lures catches them all!Big Wahoo Bost LuresDouble Wahoo Bost Lures Paying Tuna Taxes



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