Take a look at our videos and photos submitted by our clients with some amazing catches. Fish...Like a Bost!

Epic day Hole in the Wall, Bahamas

In 3 frantic hours of fishing we boated 6 wahoo up to 75 pounds, 2 Yellowfin Tuna up to 40 pounds and finished the day with a Blue Marlin. Every fish was caught on a Bost Lure. Just goes to show if it swims in the blue water, Bost Lures will catch it. Fish...Like a Bost!

Beautiful Cabo Striped Marlin caught on a #6 BGB Bost Lure.

Nice Mahi fell for a #55 Madeira Magic off of Bimini.

Big Blue marlin ate a Bost #41 Billfish Buster off Cape Verde.

White marlin on a Bost #43 Bill Buster.

Big Blue marlin ate a Bost #42 Billfish Buster off Angola skirted in Angolan colors by request!

Nice little Blue marlin on a #58 Stripes.

High Speed wahoo on a Neon Orange Bost #36 San Sal.

Little mahi off Miami trying to shake the Bost #20 Mayhem off.

Big Key West mahi ate a large mahi colored Bost #46 Plunger.

Stripe marlin off of Cabo San Lucas ate a Bost #46 Polynesian Plunger.

Mahi of all sizes love Bost Lures. This one fell for a #27 jet head in Lumo and Silver.

Neon Yellow fooled this Cay Sal wahoo while high speed trolling.

Mahi and Kingfish fell for some of the lures in our Bost Tuna/Dolphin Lure Pack.

Bost #38 Hoos Yo Daddy getting it done off of Great Isaacs, Bahamas.

Cat Island mahi and wahoo eating up the Bost Lures.

Bost #42 fooled this nice blue marlin off of Madeira, Portugal

pair of nice blackfin tuna fell for some Bost Lures in the Bimini Channel.

Neon Pink Bost #79 Bullet could not be resisted by this 75lb wahoo caught off Marsh Harbor, Bahamas.

First time client nailed this big mahi off of Islamorada in the Florida Keys on a Bost #20 Mayhem.

Another fat wahoo falls for the Bost #36 Neon Yellow Wahoo Lure in neon yellow while high speed trolling in the Bahamas.

Beautiful little Cabo mahi falls for the #59 Tuna Tataki in pink and silver. Great color combo.

High Speed Wahoo Trolling in Bimini

Enjoy our video made while high speed wahoo trolling in Bimini. Total was 6/10 on wahoo. the highlight was the final wahoo in the video blew up the 50W reel and had to be handlined in. Brought back some memories. Enjoy!



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