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Yellowfin Tuna Fishing in the Bahamas

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing in the Bahamas It's been a long year waiting for our first Yellowfin trip of the season. Plan was to round up pilchards in the am in the Haulover area and purchase any shortfall from the bait boats. Finding bait was a little tough but we managed about 8-9 dozen and added another 300-400 baits from the bait boat plus 2 dozen goggle eyes. Off we went on the 34 Seavee with twin 350 Yamahas and the crossing was very smooth. A quick check in at Bimini Big Game and we were off to the channel. It wasn't too long till we found some birds and quickly hooked up some skipjacks on a Bost Lure daisy chain I made for the trip. We idled down and began the chunking process. Not sure what possessed me to grab a Shimano Baitrunner with 20 pound test line, but I pegged a nice skipjack chunk on and floated back. After about 10 minutes I get a runoff and I am on. I realized quickly I may have made an error grabbing this rod. Shortly after the deep gog gets nailed on a 50W setup. That fish is brought in quickly and weighs about 40 pounds. I was just getting started. This fished almost killed me but after about 45 minutes we had her boatside and in the box. These were the only two Yellowfin tuna of the day. As we were idling an hour later making some lunch we basically ran over a pallet loaded with bait. We tossed a few chunks in and nice school of mahi's came up with the 25pd bull all lit up. We boxed him and 7 of his girlfriends. Sometimes you are luckier then you are good. We chased some more flocks around and added a few skippies and blackfins before calling it a day. Crossed over, cleaned everything up and had some awesome tuna steaks on the BBQ for Easter Sunday.I'm sure more trips are in the works...can't wait! bimini channel seavee shark yton catch



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