High Speed Wahoo Fishing

High Speed Wahoo Fishing

High speed wahoo fishing is a popular sport fishing technique that involves using fast trolling speeds to target wahoo, a predatory fish species found in the open waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The process of high speed wahoo fishing typically involves the use of multiple fishing lines, each with a different type of lure or bait, that are spread out behind the boat while it is moving at a high speed. The lures and baits used in high speed wahoo fishing are typically designed to mimic the movement and appearance of small fish, squid, or other prey that wahoo feed on.

To increase the chances of a wahoo bite, anglers will often use multiple rods and reels, each rigged with different lures or baits. This allows them to cover a large area and attract a variety of different wahoo. Additionally, the use of high speed fishing lines, such as braided line or lead-core line, helps to ensure enough strength and minimal stretch for powerful strikes.

Once a wahoo takes the bait, the angler will typically let out line to let the fish run, then engage the reel to set the hook and fight the fish. Wahoo are known for their high-speed, powerful runs, and fighting a hooked wahoo can be an intense and exhilarating experience for experienced anglers.

Overall, high speed wahoo fishing is a challenging and exciting way to target these powerful gamefish. It requires the right equipment, skill, and technique, but can result in an unforgettable fishing experience and the chance to catch a large and powerful predator.



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