Bost Lures in Magdalena Bay Mexico

Bost Lures in Magdalena Bay Mexico

We are proud to announce that our lures will be getting even more marlin, wahoo, mahi (I mean dorado), and tuna action over on the west coast of Mexico.  Mag Bay, in Baja California Mexico is famous for the incredible striped marlin and wahoo fishery that they have there.  It is one of the few places in the world where boats claim to have got over 100 marlin in a single day.  The marlin fishing there is just truly incredible, and they really like to eat lures too.  We are proud that the MagBay Lodge will be utilizing the Bost Brand Marlin Lures and even some Wahoo Lures.  Of course they will always run MagBay Lures as well for marlin and wahoo – but Bost Lures has some lures that are just hard to beat. 

Bost Lures has 20 years of history throughout the Cabo San Lucas area, but we are excited to bring more of our lures to the incredible baja fishery north of Cabo where the striped marlin school in large numbers.

Even though Mag Bay is famous for Marlin, it is important to note the incredible Wahoo fishing there as well – some say unparalleled and certain times of the year.  Bost Lures has proven themselves to be a leader in urethane Wahoo Lures.  Certain Lures like the Wahoo Wonder (link) and the (link to stinky pinky) are just going to put wahoo on the boat, simple as that.  For many years and countless thousands of fish, these lures prove themselves over and over again.   Weather you decide to high speed troll or just standard wahoo fishing.  Bost Lures has the Wahoo setup for you.

A few notable Lures the Lodge down in Magdalena Bay cannot resist for Marlin:

Bost 46 Mini Mahi Marlin Lure

Bost 29 Baby Yellowfin Tuna Marlin Teaser

Bost 41 Marlin Lure


And a few Notable Wahoo Lures they run:

Wahoo Witch Wahoo Lure

Wahoo Wonder Wahoo Lure



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