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Best Skirt Colors for Offshore Trolling in Cabo

These are the primary colors for So, Cal. and the Cabo/East Cape area. These Colors are on every boat I have ever been fishing on.  #1 Petrolero. Solid chocolate top with a single back stripe down the middle of the side, the belly is grey. No colored bars or flakes. The inner skirt is a bright solid orange with no bars or flakes.
#2 Mean Joe Green. The outer skirt is solid black with lots of sparkle with the inner skirt is a bright medium green with lots of sparkle. Some like the outer skirt to be black on the top half with a green belly. #3 Skipjack Solid hologram purple over solid black with a single red stripe on the side, lots of flake also. #4 Bleeding Dorado. Medium green back with some black bars with a solid bright yellow belly. The inner skirt is solid bright orange. No flakes on this lure. #5 Dorado, Medium green on top with black bars and a solid bright yellow belly. The inner skirt is also a solid bright yellow. No flakes on the lure. #6 Flying Fish. On this one and sea blue colors with a silver flake belly for both outer and inner. Mylar wings really go over big with us on the blue lures. #7 Good old back over bright orange both with lots of flakes. #8 Solid pink outer over solid silver with lots of flakes. If you want to charter one of the best teams in Cabo, look no further than Team Los Amigos! Marina Blvd, Local D11, 23410 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur 916-669-0642 us ph



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