Mirrored Marlin Lure Pack by Bost - Rigged/Un-Rigged

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The perfect trolling pack for Marlin all over the world. Each Bost lure has been meticulously selected to work in unison with each other, or the perfect addition to any mixed spread. Slants, cups, jets, plungers and flat faces, it has it all. Assembled from the advice of captain's, this offshore trolling pack is a must for any offshore angler. These Mirrored Marlin Lures are 11-13 inches long and can be rigged with 10 feet of 400 pd. mono and 10/0 single or double hook sets. Select before checking out.

Pack contains:
  • #6 BGB: Keel Weighted Slant
  • #43 Billfish Buster: Keel Weighted Slant
  • #50 Caicos Smash: Flat Face
  • #55 Madeira Magic: Cupped Jet
  • #57 Cayman Candy: Pro Jet
  • #77 Bill Buster: Teardrop Head
  • Single or Double Hook Rigs with 400lb Leaders 10' (Choose when adding to cart) 
  • Bost Handmade Lure Bag!


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