Bost Black Magic Tuna-Dolphin Rigged Trolling Lure Pack

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The Bost Black Magic Lure Pack is perfect for any novice or pro angler. These proven heads can be run all together in a spread or sprinkle them in with your natural presentations. The blackheads allow you to re-skirt with any combo you want at a later time.  Lure sizes are 6-10 inches and all rigged with 10ft. of 200pd. mono and 7/0 Stainless Hooks.

Pack contains:

  • #27 Ahi Snack
  • #62 Sashimi
  • #63 Mahi Snack
  • #59 Tuna Tataki
  • #20 Mahi Mayhem
  • #60 Mini T
  • 10' of 200lb Leaders Rigged
  • Bost Handmade Bag

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