Bost #25 Cayman Blast Giant Marlin Teaser

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The big daddy big game teaser of them all. The Bost #25 Cayman Blast has an amazing kona slant jet face attracting big marlin from afar. At 25 inches long, how could they not see it. All Bost Offshore Trolling Lures are Handmade in the USA from the finest materials. Made from aerospace resin, our lures will not crack, break, chip or discolor. Our unique molding process requires no extra polishing after molding which guarantees all Bost Lures will be consistent and run the same all the time. Fish...Like a Bost!

Big Game Teaser:

  • Face Shape: Kona Slant Jet
  • Trolling Speed: 4 to 12 kn
  • Head Size: 7.5 x 3.9
  • Skirted Size: 25 inches
  • Position: Teaser


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