Large Rainbow Marlin 6 Lure Pack by Bost - Rigged/Un-Rigged

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The Bost Rainbow Tournament Marlin Offshore Trolling Pack is a must for any serious marlin fisherman. This trolling pack consists of tournament winning lures and grander catchers from all over the world. Each one of these lures are designed to work together or add any to an existing spread. The best of the best, the marlin lures set them apart. These Marlin Lures are 13-15 inches long and can be rigged with 10 feet of 500 lb mono and 11/0 or 12/0 hooks depending on lure size. Choose Rigging before checking out. 


Pack Contains:
  • #7 Little Big Eye Fluorescent Yellow
  • #46 Polynesian Plunger Flouro Green
  • #46 Polynesian Plunger Flouro Green
  • #54  PurpleMadeira Magic
  • #69 Humboldt Cay Pasa
  • #91 Blue Pura Vida
  • Heavy Duty Hook  Set w/500pd Mono (Choose when adding to cart)
  • Bost Handmade Lure Bag


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